The Quantic Lab

The Quantic Lab is a gamer survey project run by long-time game researchers Nick Yee & Nic Ducheneaut. We combine social science and data science to understand the psychology of gaming. Take the Gamer Motivation Profile to get a customized report of your gaming motivations. We’ll keep adding new gamer tools to this page, and don’t forget to check out the blog for new findings.


Gamer Motivation Profile

Get a personalized report of your gaming motivations by taking a 5-minute survey. The profile and game recommendation tools below were developed from analyzing data from over 140,000 gamers.

Gamer Motivation Profile
Take a 5 minute survey to get a customized report of your gaming motivations.
Game Recommender Engine
We’ll find the 1000 gamers closest to your profile and rank their favorite games. See a demo.
Game Together Engine
Specify someone who has also taken the profile to find games you both like.

Other Profiles and Tools

Useful tools for gamers based on our past research.

  Board Game Motivation Profile
  Personality: Big Five Profile
 Guild Name Generator

Research Surveys

Participate in the following set of regularly updated surveys to help us refine our existing profile tools, create new ones, and explore a wide range of issues in gaming (such as demographics, genre preference, family gaming, eSports, etc.).

 Feedback and Suggestions